THEY ARE HERE!!!!  Our new Granites have arrived and they are absolutely stunning.  Come to our office to view them in person, you won’t be disappointed.


Colonial White (High Range)

Colonial White is a sister to one of our most popular old granites Kashmere White.  This stone has a strong hue of grey with a very light blue and green tinge, with garnets splashed all through it.







Aspen White (Low Range)

In this beautiful granite, cool white, cream and greys are complemented with black veins making this a unique natural stone.




Silver Mist (Mid Range)

This Granite has a deep black background and defining wave pattern of silvery white and grey it has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.



Galaxy Black (High Range)

Stunning natural glossy finish on this granite with flecks of gold, brown and white throughout.  As the name suggests it gives the impression of looking into a galaxy of stars.

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