Refurbishing your Marble Benchtop

Do you have a marble benchtop in your home that you want to repurpose?  This client of ours did, they visited our office with a beloved and well used marble benchtop and asked if we could help them out.  This poor old benchtop was in a sad and sorry state from years and years of wear and tear and happy family use.

As you can imagine this beloved benchtop was not in the best of states with lots  of stains and gouges, so off to our stonemasons the benchtop went where it was cut, cleaned and polished and given a new start in life.  The finished product absolutely stunned our client and they have sent us this picture to show the finished piece now proudly displayed in their bathroom.  It is amazing what our team can do to refurbish old and tired pieces.

Handy Tip:-  Marble is a soft stone and will absorb liquids and marks relatively easily, if you don’t use a cutting board not only will you dull your knife  blade you will score the surface of the marble, also if you don’t wipe up spills relatively quickly the marble will absorb the colour.  So to keep your marble in tip top shape for longer use a cutting board and wipe up spills as soon as they happen.

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