New Blue River Granite in Stock

Our new stocks have arrived in stock.  Check out our new Blue River Granite, a beautiful newly discovered granite from Brazil.  This striking Granite is full of character and charm. The video shows Robyn Booth, our Managing Director, at the yard selecting the block of granite we want our slabs to be cut from on her recent buying trip. As you can see, these blocks are the raw material and our supplier will slice these blocks into slabs in their factory, then polish them before they are put in a container and sent to us, so we can make your stunning new benchtop.

I always find it fascinating to know where our stock comes from and the processes involved, which is quite an undertaking.  Large machinery, sheds and massive gantries for the cutting and processing of the blocks is required and when you see the process in person it is truly impressive.

A remarkably large amount of consideration and research into current and future trends helps us in our decision when we buy in our stocks.  Keeping current and relevant stocks in our yard is a massive part of our business and we consider ourselves the leader in the region due to our long history of satisfied customers.

See our website for all the available colours we have in stock.

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