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The kitchen is the grand central station to your home. Everybody needs to pass through this room numerous times a day for meals, to discuss dinner parties, share heart to heart conversations with your children about their day at school.

So much happens in this room.  But this room is no good unless it is practical and creates a calming atmosphere for your family to live life in.

At Ten Commandments Granite & Marble we are not the kitchen designer.  You need to find a cabinetmaker to design your functional kitchen. However, we are here to help you choose the right stone to compliment the aesthetic feel you are trying to create.

Remembering that the kitchen is the main hub of the home, we suggest that you start your colour selections from here and work your way through your home to assure continuity.

You need to decide what is going to be your feature.  Your benchtop, your splashback, your cupboards?  Think upon this before you come to our showroom so we can guide you in the colour choices to match your ideas.

However, some of us are visual selectors.  We need to see a product first and then our ideas flow from there.  Our showroom is ideal for this showcasing a large number of natural stone slabs and a huge variety of Quartz stone surface colour samples.

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