How much can I have as an overhang in my stone benchtop

When designing your bench, whether it be on your island bench or breakfast bar, and you want or need an overhang there are a couple of things you need to know.  


  • QuartzStone
  • 20mm – Over 300mm – Support Brackets needed at 600mm Intervals
  • 30mm – Over 400mm – Support Brackets needed at 600mm Intervals
  • Over 600mm Stainless Steel Bracing and leg supports will be needed
  • Natural Stone
  • 20mm – Over 150mm – Support Brackets needed at 600mm Intervals
  • 30mm – Over 300mm – Support Brackets needed at 600mm Intervals
  • Over 400mm Stainless Steel Bracing and Leg supports will be needed.

Another question you need to ask yourself when thinking of overhangs is how practical is this i.e. do I really need 500mm underneath the benchtop for an overhang or do I only want this because I think that it will be more comfortable and better looking, sometimes more is not better.  Remember what you have as an overhang reduces the storage/cupboard space below. 

For an average person 300mm overhang is quite comfortable for your knees when sitting at a bench.  Also if you need to have legs or columns is it going to be aesthetically appealing, and will it impact the flow of the room?  

Your best option is to come and talk to our expert staff when you are in the planning stage so we can help you and ask you those questions you may have not thought about.

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