What are the slab sizes for natural stone and engineered stone

When you are planning for your stone benchtops you need to take into consideration the slab sizes.  If you have an extremely long run for a benchtop i.e. over 3 metres be aware that you are going to have a join in there somewhere, this is unavoidable.  

Also think about the logistics of having these benchtops installed.  

  • For example does it have to be installed on the 2nd floor of a 2 storey house.  
  • What is the unloading site like ie level or on a steep grade,
  • do you have a narrow hallway we have to navigate?

So when you are designing think of our guys that have to manually handle these pieces into place, these can be very heavy.

It will also avoid you being disappointed at the final stage when you have your beautiful new benchtop installed and you think to yourself “I didn’t want a join there”.  It is important that you know where the joins will be and that you are comfortable with the placement of these joins before any fabrication of the stone begins.  Our team take care to try to match joins with the patterns on the stone however this is not always a viable option.  Discuss this with our team while you are designing your new tops.

3020 mm x 1400 mm – All varieties of the man made stone are available in this size.

3020 mm x 1500 mm – A few selected colors of man made stone are available in this size.

3020 mm x 1600 mm – A few selected colors of man made stone are available in this size.

Natural Stone and Marble are available in various different sizes between length 2800 mm-3400mm and height 1600mm-2400mm and vary from slab to slab.  Check with our staff to physically view our natural range.

Aspen White

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